My Bird’s Never-ending Cuddle Time | Vlog #283

Click here to SUBSCRIBE: My #AfricanGrey #parrot Ligaya loves her cuddle time. Congo African Greys are known to be quite affectionate …

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49 thoughts on “My Bird’s Never-ending Cuddle Time | Vlog #283

  1. I saw vlog #241 on the main page on YT and wanted to check it out. Since then, I've been watching. Its always good and refreshing to have such a positive channel. (In the sense of not wanting to be a toxic YTer, like there is a lot of now).

    Also, a fellow Canadian! Yay 😀

  2. I was suggested your channel a few weeks back and it's the first time YT nailed its suggestion. Your daily adventures with Ligaya are so uplifting and joyful. I hope you enjoy filming them as well and continue doing so! 🙂

  3. Watched a few episodes of AC and randomly stumbled across your Vlogs. I remember watching a video where you were showing Ligaya around the condo and you showed your ant room, my mind was blown. I just had no idea! And now I'm a permanent resident of the squad and I enjoy watching your videos everyday 🙂 I admire your love, knowledge and understanding of animals and I'm sure we can all agree your positivity extends out to so many. Keep it up, Mikey!

  4. It crossed my mind last week that she might be asking for the whistle by mimicing it. Ligaya appears very happy. I look forward to your videos. I too absolutely love Roots clothing. I lost my favorite Roots (grey pepper) sweater I've had for 12 years in transport to my routine surgical procedure. I pestered the hospital for weeks to look for it. They did find it. It's falling apart but I still wear it.
    When Ligaya bites it may not be all negative. She is trying to communicate. Could you rub a food item she doesn't like on your fingers right in front of her watching? So when she goes to bite she tastes It? May be silly but she's very intelligent.

  5. I don't believe in culture appropriation but this just shows the double standards people have. I'm German and I love that people love something from my heritage. I wish you would have addressed this. If a white person in America wears something other than jeans and a plane tee and our natural hair we get called out.

  6. I started watching this channel because of the traveling and eating. Now it's all about Ligaya. Which I'm ok with, I know your channel is getting alot of new views. I'm happy for you but I just cant watch anymore. It's just not interesting to me. I am #mabuhaysquad for life. Good luck…

  7. I was a newcomer a few weeks ago. I was just watching YouTube and this channel was in my recommendations (because I watch a lot of bird videos), and, after catching up on everything Ligaya, I am here to stay.

  8. Ligaya's colouring is a beautiful gradient of grey starting light at her head and darkening towards her tail. And I never knew they had red tails until you got her! She is growing into a beautiful young lady and as a parent, I completely understand your journey xD

    Even before you got Ligaya, i was considering getting a budgie or a cockatiel. I have two cats atm and I thought that they might be ok in a large enough cage. Now I want to give them the freedom that Ligaya has and while I may not be able to take them outside cats and a free flying bird wont mix. So i'm waiting and living a bird owners life vicariously through you. Nature love forever Mabuhay squad <3

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