most expensive export quality parrot birds varieties breeding farm.

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41 thoughts on “most expensive export quality parrot birds varieties breeding farm.

  1. You guys are so wrong for how you keep these birds, more than yall can handle! Poor care and poor conditions for them for what yall probably make selling them yall should invest in making their home there great!

  2. Way to many birds in one cage…how can you do that to those beautiful birds…stop treating them like that. I can tell you love that all mighty dollar more that you do those birds…let them go…

  3. So many of those birds are Australian natives, protected species, illegal to export!.
    Fuck you with your tiny cages and shitty conditions for these birds.
    You need to be reported to the Australian Police, you piece of shit.

  4. These poor babies!
    What are you doing? Are these living, attention deprived, scared of the camara man!, breathing individuals like pit bulls by now? How dare you! ‘Shame on you’ is what your mother would say! Keep your morals and standards taller than you, so you must look UP to them everyday! And may peace and comfort come to each and every tortured soul.

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