More taking on the porch with Einstein Parrot 2⃣ PART TWO 2⃣

Part two of a four part series of Einstein talking on the porch. He talks and comments as he watches the squirrels and birdies from his screened in back porch!

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28 thoughts on “More taking on the porch with Einstein Parrot 2⃣ PART TWO 2⃣

  1. So pretty feathers & I love sqjirrelsssss! I only do red butt cleaning these days!! Love you Ein! MC squared is very cool! You're all right & very cool even if you're all wet!

  2. Wow! What's the clock say?? The cuckoo was first but that was cute. And talking chicken!! Pizza party!! Einstein I love you! I like hearing words that I'm sure you've said before but it's the first time I've heard them!! You are so special!!

  3. He is so beautiful. I have a hard time with watching some other parrots on Youtube because they usually are losing feathers, or you can tell are not feeling well, or just not in the right environment. It makes me so sad. But your Einstein is so vibrant, so content, and clearly loves you so much. You clearly are a wonderful person. I look forward to seeing your future videos. There are a lot of horrible people out there that should never be able to near another animal in their life. So Thank You for respecting and loving God's creatures. I wish there were more like you. The world would be a much better place. 💕

  4. When he stretches his legs and his red tail spreads and one can see his wings from the inside he looks so beautiful !
    He is such an attractive bird and he really deserves his name: EINSTEIN, the great texan talker.

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