How to Put a Harness on Your Parrot | Parrot Training

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31 thoughts on “How to Put a Harness on Your Parrot | Parrot Training

  1. I'm planning on getting a parakeet in a few months and I wanted to get a leash/harness for him/her. I was wondering if it's safe to bring them outside with this on or even use them in general. Like if they try to fly away with too much force will it harm them. I wanted to like take my bird for a walk but if that's probably not realistic 😂

  2. I want my S.C.Cocky on a harness soooo bad.I have spoiled my parrots .I have given them FREEDOM from cages.I don't demand them to do anything they don't want to do .I am single and work alot and want my cake and eat it too.I know that even though I am giving my 10 parrots the freedom of my entire home when I'm not home I am not doing right by them.I know that other people would spend more time with these parrots but I cannot let go.I'm afraid of missing them and being alone.I weigh the pros and the cons .
    My life would be a hell of alot easier and I could save money but I love my birds but they could do alot better.

  3. So far these methods have been working (still getting Smokey to keep her head in longer) and I've also been training Smokey to let me open her wings as she already is used to me picking her up. So far I'm just slightly stretching the wings and then pause, treat. I'm almost there to getting on the harness. Yay! Smokey is so obedient LOL she always lets me pet her all over anywhere but just not used to getting the wings stretched from the traumatic wing clipping session the breeder probably gave her….

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