Forget Bird Toys – Here’s How I Keep Smokey Busy & Happy

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36 thoughts on “Forget Bird Toys – Here’s How I Keep Smokey Busy & Happy

  1. I love your videos. Smokey is the happiest most relaxed looking grey I think i've ever seen.
    I have been having a most difficult time with my grey who began mutilating 6 years ago. I've had her 19 years she was fine before that. It is heartbreaking to see her like she is, and have to use collars, and to keep trying everything and only failing. What I wouldn't give to see her as content as your Smokey.

  2. I can second the warning about the food bowl holders. My Afican Grey used to like to swing on his and manged to get himself very tangled up one day….Im so glad I was home at the time and he wasnt seriously injured but I never leave empty holders in his cage now.

  3. Thank you! Always worth the wait to see what you and Smokey come up with! We've been putting around basil, dill (especially if in seed) cilantro, sunflowers (Beau goes crazy for these and they're not even in seed), chard, hot red peppers, parsley, calendula, nasturtium, cosmos (he likes the color). Just whatever is doing well in our garden. Again, thank you, we learn so much from you.

  4. Our Zon loves to shred empty egg cartons and cracker boxes and spends hours wrestling with a big plastic toy truck. Now we'll be trying vegis too Indeed, much like what a parrot would be doing in the wild. Pumpkin — brilliant idea!

  5. It’s just so enjoyable to see a bird that so obviously loves his owner and an owner who cares so well for his bird. All birds should be treated so well. Watching this loving bond is so encouraging.

  6. Please help me. I went to my local aspca to look at a pup, and fell instantly in love with a very neglected cockatoo. This poor thing will not eat any fruits or veggies. Ok fresh, not dried, not frozen. Please give me some ideas on what I can do to get her to realize food is good!!

  7. Hi. I bought an African grey parrot just like smokey… he's two and a half years old and someone else had him before me whom I dont know. He talks and whistles and I think he's very good taken care of at our house. When my sister and brother in law come to visit he's super excited about them and he lets my brother in law give him a scratch and he dances and talk to them although he doesn't know them before.. but when it comes to me he acts like I'm a stranger and wouldn't let me touch him… although I am the one who feeds him, clean him and talk to him all the time!!! Why is this??? Can you help me know what to do?

  8. Well, if you insist on keeping a pet that evolved to fly and live in large social groups of it's own kind. Ignoring the above, this guy knows the importance of keeping a captive parrot's mind busy. The plant in the middle of the cage looks like a bottlebush (type of Melaleuca) these plants are bird safe. It's pink leaves are new growth and not 'turning' red because of the season change.

  9. I've been a parrot owner for several years now and have never thought of using tough veggies as foraging fun/activity! Thank you for the great ideas! And it's so much fun tow watch you with her and see how happy she is, I really miss my grey and it does my heart good to see others. 😍

  10. I agree with you on bird toys…I use 'parrot safe' wood branches from Elm and Aspen trees for my Macaws…so it gives them an opportunity to do what they love…CHEW on wood…very similar to a natural life in a rainforest…!

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