Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot Goes Dish Diving!

Einstein loves Jeff’s shiny travel mug! The temptation to “dive” for it was too great! Music by “Fifth Avenue Stroll” Einstein Parrot is very talkative …

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25 thoughts on “Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot Goes Dish Diving!

  1. Seems after he made noise for the dishes he looked around to see if he was busted. And for a while he kept poking his head out from the sink to see if anyone was watching him. Then it seemed like he thought the coast was clear. Then again of course I could be wrong I'm just getting to know Einstein.

  2. I love when I get an email that there is a new video from Einstein! My CAG, Kahlua, just adores watching Einstein. This one was hilarious! Kahlua loves to pick things up and throw them on the floor — just to hear the sound they make — clattering dishes is always fun! My favorite part too is when he pokes his head up from the sink! Thanks for sharing! We love you Einstein! ~Your friends, Kahlua (CAG) and Tango (Citron-Too) and me of course!

  3. he likes to play with plates what a beautiful creature I remember I had one just like einstein he hates my mom and my dad he only loves me he defend me but he died I don't know why because I go to chicken house little house we build it for chickens and pigeons my mom told me go feed them with water and seeds I went to feed them and then when I came back I found her looking her self at the mirror and then I came to touch her and play with her and then next day she died and I ask the doctor why did she died he told me that if you brought another pet then my parrot she will be jealous and kill her self

  4. If love could keep one of God's creatures alive this bird would live forever.  So many people who love him, like me!  I LOVED it when he popped his head up after being in the sink.  Thanks for this smile you gave me again, Einstein!

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