Einstein parrot’s artichoke food toy

Who says you can’t play with your food! Parrots can! They love homemade food toys. I paid $2.95 for the choke along with a red, green, and yellow bell pepper to …

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45 thoughts on “Einstein parrot’s artichoke food toy

  1. Hi Einsteim! That must have been yummy although I wasn't sure if he was eating it or destroying it. It would have made a beautiful holiday centerpiece-except please place Einstein in another room or he'll cause havoc at the table. It would be the perfect toy when the party's over. 😁

  2. rabbits and parrots make eating veggies sound so good! i'm so picky that i'd be asking for some cheese or croutons to make it palatable.

    very impressed with your leftover mess einstein – looks like good compost. 10/10

  3. Which reminds me I`m out of toys (artichokes, et.c. goodies), lol!
    But, I`m afraid, he looks like needing more toys(?) and challenges and company, or don`t know what else things, away from plucking own feathers!

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