Cody The African Grey Rescue Hangs Out | PARROT TALK

Hey Guys, The is the morning after Genna found Cody the African Grey in my bedroom. I knew she wanted to spend some quality time with Cody and bond with …

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30 thoughts on “Cody The African Grey Rescue Hangs Out | PARROT TALK

  1. hey I don't mean to bother but the next time you get around to it, could you look into doing a parront tip Tuesday on what to do when you first get your bird? most videos I've seen say to just ignore it for a week or even a month, but once you got Cody you were interacting with him

  2. Marlene Mc'Cohen please help I want to build an aviary (indoors) but stainless mesh is out of my price. I shower with my bird's so there will be only water to worry about is there something else I can use to enclose it?

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