African Grey Parrot, talking tip. Tui the swearing bird learns to say “Shit”

Tui is very fond of the word “Shit”, and if you watch a few videos you will see her talking ability included using tones and emotions depending on when and …

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12 thoughts on “African Grey Parrot, talking tip. Tui the swearing bird learns to say “Shit”

  1. Man, you could see from the get go she did not want to be pet. Everything about her body langauge was screaming "stop touching me." But you kept insisting and forcing and not respecting her space and mood. That bite was telegraphed for ages and you very much deserved it. Hopefully you were a new guardian at the time and can excuse it with ignorance.

  2. "Ah, SHIT!I think I learned where you learned shit from."
    Too funny. Not only did she learn the word, she learned when to say it too. Nothing beats the other video.
    "Tui come down here for a scratch."
    "Shit, shit shit." As she makes her way down the perch. LOL.
    Man she is smart. I hope she comes back home. You spent so much time working with her, & she's sooooo smart. One of the smartest greys I've seen. Amazing how she knows not just what to say but when to say it.

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