African Grey Parrot Rescue Update | PARROT TALK

Hey guys, So here is Cody’s first moments in my house… A lot of videos will follow this one But I will upload those later tonight. I was up all night with Cody, …

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25 thoughts on “African Grey Parrot Rescue Update | PARROT TALK

  1. Cody is lucky; You really have a nice home by the way…How do you keep it so clean with so many birds? I am sweeping and scraping all day long and can't get it clean. Pick only two they say…1. being relaxed, 2. happy birds, 3.clean home!

  2. I was wondering if you have any experience with lovebirds? My family just adopted a peach face, and a all white fisher from a rescue that took them from a hoarding situation. They're terrified of us, we can talk to them-but one still runs to the back of the cage. Any tips?

  3. good luck marlene 🙂 my grandad had an African grey called hope. Grandad passed away 10 years ago but hope stayed in the family. shes a pretty chilled bird and says some pretty suggestive things lol

  4. what a cutie! so glad you rescued him from being kept outside in the cold D:
    also can't wait to see how George reacts to another bird being kept in the house lol. are you planning on finding him another home since you already have so many birds?

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