Talking Alexandrine Parrot Progress | Bolne Wala Tota | Video is URDU/HINDI

Check out the progress of my Talking Alexandrine Parrot (Bolne Wala Pahari Tota). YouTube Channel: Facebook Fan …

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24 thoughts on “Talking Alexandrine Parrot Progress | Bolne Wala Tota | Video is URDU/HINDI

  1. Parrots should never be housed in round cages, ever! It stresses them out and makes them feel insecure. Plus that cage is way too small for even one parrot, let alone two. This makes me so sad

  2. Since Lalukhet market is going through a troublesome time , Why not get together with all reputable bird traders and try to find out an open ground somewhere in Karachi to rent from it's owner and hold weekly market there?
    I'm talking about something like sort of super highway mindi for qurbani animals.
    I'm sure that if common sense prevails we can arrange an open ground somewhere in the centre of Karachi every Sunday where all the vendors pay a small fee towards the rent and do it all legally and without any harassment from the police.
    There are some very intelligent and smart people in the bird industry and I'm sure one could find a dozen or so people to arrange an open ground and do a bit of an advertisement you let everyone know about the new location.
    I'm Faisalt from Sydney, Australia and love watching your videos.
    it is pity and sad to know that Lalukhet market is no longer held
    Faisal Javed Sb, thanks a lot
    you are my only connection to that bird market whilst I'm here in Australia and also bird lover with 2 averies with pair of Nepalese Large Alexandrines and a mature pair of yellow naped Amazon.

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