Taking My Bird to Work | Vlog #242

Click here to SUBSCRIBE: I took my bird to work today. We traveled by car, we attended meetings, had meal breaks, and finally returned …

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41 thoughts on “Taking My Bird to Work | Vlog #242

  1. 😁 better safe than sorry. Not a parrot owner/expert but a mother…you know dangers when you see them.
    I love the Baby Mine song you sing her, I sing it to my kids when they go to sleep too 🤗 (I had to download it cause they kept asking me to sing again lol)

  2. The bead does look like a choking hazard, since she is just a baby she might not know to not swallow it. I'm more worried about the plastic beads cracking and it being sharp.
    Unfortunately there are a lot of things online and in stores labeled for birds that are unsafe for them.

  3. I wouldn't trust a toy just because it says it's for greys. But idk if that bead would actually fit in her throat. However it's definitely the smallest bead I think is safe, stick to bigger beads in the future.

  4. Loving this journey with little Ligaya. Looking forward to seeing how much she grows over time!
    You should look up Marlene McCohen, too. She has a few parrots and a fully grown African Grey. Might have some advice that's useful in your journey 🙂

  5. I understand you like doing these dramatic cliffhangers, however they are getting a bit annoying. I totally understand since Vietnamese media uses these dramatic cliffhangers as well. It's part of the culture. Yet, in this case it feels really forced and unnatural. I enjoy your vlogs and your wonderful parrot, but doing dramatic cliffhangers every video is frustrating. Your singing does make up for it though. Oh, that wonderful singing.

  6. When she's on your shoulder your expression reminds me of my huge boy pigeon Condor lol! He was a dreadful face and hand wrestler lol, though it's not so scary like a parrot beak. There's definitely been some birds I've trusted against my face, they do touch you with their beak and tongue and explore, but it helps to, if they get rough, immediately and simply move them away from the shoulder, it's a treat to be trusted up there, they gotta earn it! If it works out (no shame if it's just not for you) it can be very special getting cheek snuggles and kisses and giving in return to a happy confident bird

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