Parrot A.R Drone 2.0 battery options

Short video on what batteries I use for my drone and what you will need to extend the run time for a fraction of the cost of the originals. Parts and links listed …

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37 thoughts on “Parrot A.R Drone 2.0 battery options

  1. Greetings from Texas. I got a great deal on a parrot 2.0 without a battery or charger. I began to research batteries and had came across your link. Ive been reading everyones comments on batteries, now i am scrambled as to which battery i should buy. If im right i think your original post is 5 years ago and im sure things have chanhed. What is your recommendation on a battery and charger? Obvious intent is long run time. When you start talking A B or C i dont have a clue what it is but am trying to understand. Any help or suggestions would be great?

  2. I clicked your link for the battery and it went to the 45-90c discharge battery. In the video, a 25-50C discharge battery is displayed. Is that the newer battery that PS4 Custom Gamer mentioned in the comments below? Which should I buy for my Parrot AR drone 2.0?

    Also, thanks for all the info!

  3. I got tired of the battery life as well so I ordered 2 2600mah batterys(GIFI power) had to order a charger as well(doesn't work with the original charger). Hopefully they will work. Should arrive in about a month :/.

  4. Probably only needed one of those little adaptor wires, just leave one connected to the drone all the time since the charging wires have the original connections. I have a 2300MA battery coming so hopefully the battery will be able to fit with no issues but might have to dremel a very tiny amount of foam for this to work since its bulky and should be upwards in the 20+ minute range (ive heard about 30 minutes). Nice little video though. 🙂

  5. There are a couple of similar turnigy batteries in hobbyking with lower C though like 20C or 25C and max burst 30 to 35C respectively, so what about using them instead of this, they are 7 and 10 usd?

    Also any 2200 ma turnigy bat. Suggestions?

  6. I'm no expert but I'm assuming if it goes completely dead then it would have no voltage. Generally if the cells drop below 3v your charger will come up with a low voltage alert. Most chargers allow you to see the individual voltage of the cells, just google your charger and I'm sure you'll find it or read the instructions?…

  7. When the battery goes dead how many volts does the cells have? Does it go to zero or Is there some volts left? Also how do you know how many volts the cell have? Sorry for asking a lot of questions

  8. I just purchased those lipo batteries and I have a question. It may sound stupid but when your flying with those lipo batteries do you fly it until it dies(0%) or do you land it before it is almost dead (like 5% to 10%). I recently naught those battery and did some research about the lipos and heard that it was bad or dangerous if you discharge it too much. I'm new to these stuff so sorry for my poor knowledge.

  9. I use an imax b6 ac which Hobbyking stock or check out ebay. Make sure you get the right adapter for your country thoguh. Check out some YouTube clips on how to charge lipos if you're unsure

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