Crocosaurus @ Parrot Jungle Miami

Crocosaurus is a Saltwater Crocodile who measures nearly 20-feet long and weighs nearly 2000 pounds.

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26 thoughts on “Crocosaurus @ Parrot Jungle Miami

  1. I saw Hank several times as a kid, and this video really doesn't give you a good scale of his actual size. He was massive.

    I've never seen an animal that big aside from small whales, for real. He had dinosaur-like spines all over him that were as long as my fingers. You could feel it when he moved. And yet he was a fairly gentle giant; he even had a turtle in his tank who was his best friend.

    Hank was an amazing animal, and is definitely missed.

  2. I agree with you. Parrot Jungle is pretty shitty with some animals there. This animal stays in such a small pool. His tail is just incredible I wonder what's the force he puts on his tail when he is going to attack a prey. I think that the glass window they have to see him from the first floor is not even thick enough for him.

  3. that thing is so obease it can't even lift it's head up, those conditions it is being kept in are fucked up, it doesn't have water where he can fully submerge or swim around in. That croc could never catch that man it would be too slow

  4. Its not that huge..He deserves to have a much larger sancuary..Hes basically in a pool with a dog cage around him..kinda fucked up if u asked me..I live 10 minutes from Jungle island so i been there alot and the more i see him the more i feel sad for him.

  5. I feel bad for him..I seen him inperson and hes in a lil confinement hes like a freakn monster in a baby pool..Thats pretty shiity..Parrot Jungle Island needs to shapen up and make their animals in a better habitate

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