Cane Ridge High Mission using Flight Plan – Parrot ANAFI

Shawn utilizes Flight Plan to create a mission on the Parrot Anafi 4K Drone. What is unique about this test is Shawn adjusts the Flight Plan between flights and …

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18 thoughts on “Cane Ridge High Mission using Flight Plan – Parrot ANAFI

  1. Nice video, well explained. Quick question, while flying Flight Plan mission is there a way to get rid of all the flight data on the live view from the Anafi? Or is there something like a full screen mode in FreeFlight6 app (like DJI Go4 app)? Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work!

  2. In the state of Washington all the schools around here are no fly zones now somebody told me as long as you fly under a hundred and 25 ft you can fly in no fly zones is that true or could you direct me where I would find that information

  3. Shawn,maybe slowing down the panorama 360 would stop the notchiness of the video at that point,or just maybe it's because the video has to be downgraded to 1080 for YouTube!. Brilliant video as always and regards from North Yorkshire England.

  4. I have a question. If you made a flight plan in the mountains. And wanted it to go from the base of a small mountain and go in a spiral all the way up to the summit going in as you go up, like a upside down cone, and have the Anafi keep pointed at the mountain all the way up, will you have any problem having it do this? I know the Anafi will keep on its flight path even when it loses contact with the controller. I think this would be a neat video! What do you think?
    Wouldn't it be neat if they made a bigger Anafi and with obstacle avoidance. That way everybody would be happy!

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