A He Speaks in Telugu | తెలుగు చిలక | Telugu Talking Macaw | #AnvithaVlog’s | #AndhraPradesh

A Blogger/Vlogger from AndhraPradesh & Telugu Girl from Rajahmundry Andhra Pradesh State of India’s Only YouTube Vlogger and A Perfect Youtuber.

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26 thoughts on “A He Speaks in Telugu | తెలుగు చిలక | Telugu Talking Macaw | #AnvithaVlog’s | #AndhraPradesh

  1. Wow, this time Macaw really spoke Telugu. I am glad to hear it. Why don't you make it chant Gayatri Mantra. If you can succeed with this challenge Your vlog will be one of the best one on the market. Trust me there were clear scriptures during the reign of Kakatiya empire the parrots chanted the Vedic mantras along with the sages. All the best for your upcoming videos god bless you. But i really hate people pitting those birds in cages. Read the Ramayan you will come to know what the parrot cursed matha sitha and how she faced troubles. There were several examples including ramadas. Don't ruin your life with troubles by putting birds in cages. No one can escpae from karma.

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