PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION Hello parrot lovers, I feel like this video may not FEEL like it applies to those of you who have parrots already…but I believe that it …

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28 thoughts on “11 Reasons NOT To Get A Parrot | BEFORE GETTING A BIRD WATCH THIS!

  1. you are so right i have an african grey for the last 15 years, im starting to get older and dont have the time for her any more they are not pets because your life changes over time I would love to re-home her for a better life

  2. My budgie heard Vinny speaking and he started to chirp lol. And also I need help, I’m not sure if this is some sorta stretch but my budgie screams and then flaps his wings but stays in the same spot doing it (but he doesn’t fly when he does) can someone tell me what it means 💙

  3. Thank you, it has changed my mind about getting one now. Why have you chosen to have so many and does that mean you don't have, or plan on having kids? You obviously don't work then? 🤔 Gosh, I'm wondering about so much

  4. Hi, I just have a few questions!
    1. Are parakeets, love birds, and conures included
    2. If they have a companion, does it help being in a cage all of the time?
    3. If the birds are aggressive, and toys/are being given, what can help/better their environment/lives?

    I recently began caring for some birds my dad had, I'm doing all my research to make sure I make the best effort to give them everything they need.

  5. Thank you! This video helped me a lot. I am not getting a parrot. But I have always wanted one. But I don't want to cache it when am not there and I'm afraid that the neighbors going to complain about the noise.

  6. Right now I have a parakeet two love birds and a green cheek conture, they mostly never fight because they have been together for around 5 years, maybe 6. I am thinking about getting a cockatoo since my African grey passed away a month ago. Any suggestions? I've owned birds for around 13 years, starting when I was around 5. And I do have a lot of time since I have a at-home job.

  7. Very helpful video. I have parrots and will say that everything that was said in this video is true. Parrots are a lot of work. And parrots are very smart and they have feelings just like us. They feel sad if one of them dies, they feel fear, they play, they fight. They are not a brainless creatures that you can just keep in cages. They are also very sweet, like little babies.

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