Venezuela: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela and enlists the help of a large bird who bears a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama.

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24 thoughts on “Venezuela: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. I find it so funny how dipshits who are not venezuelan are trying to discredit John Oliver by citing the Empire Files which is completely biased towards propaganda by the Chavez/Maduro regime. As a venezuelan, let me explain something to you idiots, venezuelan media is completely controlled by the government, opposition leaders are thrown in jail and anyone who opposes risks being killed, are you guys really willing to believe Telesur(chavista propaganda) over the real facts being stated by virtually every venezuelan commenting on this video? I completely agree with John Oliver and I praise him for depicting the tragedy in venezuela is an accurate light. I condemn all of you trumpies in the comment section who are unwilling to research before you speak.

  2. Back in those days (3 months ago) when venezuelas inflation forecast for 2018 were only 13,000 % not 1,000,000 %
    Godspeed for your country to replace that hell of a leader you´re punished with.

  3. It´s just a matter of time before US says that Venezuela, the largest oil reserve in the world, is in need for freedom.They´re just letting current Venezuelan leaders make that claim easier. It is true that Venezuela is fucked up, I´m not deniying that, but in that graphic where they showed all the countries fucked by US, they forgot to put all of Latin America there.

  4. And again: A asocialist state that failed. Just name me 1 socialist state that did well. Chaves spend the money of the rich and the poor and when marudo was in power there was just nothing left. All businesses were in the hand of the state, therefore not paying taxes but requireing money. Nothing new and we sould finally learn the lesson.

  5. It's amusing to me that, almost universally, folks turn on someone who says something they don't agree with. Humans are garbage, and I hope we cease inflicting ourselves on the universe soon. A nuclear war, for instance. Shouldn't take the global ecosystem too long to recover from that, especially if homo sapiens are out of the picture.

  6. Did he just say that a woman, who appears to be high as shit, told the reporter that she has worms in her brain, and that he thinks that's a sick burn? Did I misinterpret that?

  7. Venezuela, or the officials are not against Capitalism. As the video, establishes, Venezuela is very corrupt. When Chavez was alive, he used to come to Disneyland, bought high-fashion-branded apparel, and pay for Justin Bieber concerts to his daughters. While, he always protested that Capitalism, and be rich was bad. Also, one of his or still officials, was bashing against Capitalism, while wearing a LV tie. I know this information from a very famous Venezuelan Youtuber, living in Argentina. He knows all the batshit in Venezuela. To all the Spanish-speaking folks out there, visit his channel Drossrotzank and look for "Dross Norcorea," pretty good information there. Possibly he has English captions as well

  8. John Oliver must learn that the Jimmy Carter institute ranked the Venezuela election system the best and most secured in the world..while united slaves of america is way below down…how is possible that the wealthiest oil reserve country in the world is fucked up so hard? And the second wealthiest oil country,Saudi Arabia (people there also fucked up) is the closest ally of britain and usa with billions and billions spend on weapons bought? Of course the united slaves of america are to blame for venezuela…lets hope Petro will save Venezuela..

  9. This is just ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself for making a joke of a country ruined by corruption and Socialism. Even when the Government has the best oil industry in the world it still cannot prop up Socialism. It does definitely show you that Socialism always leads to corrupt governments and starving citizens. The last several elections in Venezuela have been rigged. John Oliver should be forced to go live in Venezuela for the propaganda bullshit he is pushing here and his pathetic jokes.

  10. Please enlighten me … does John Oliver really believe what he is saying or reading??? How is it possible that he believes that a 1.000.000% PNB is mismanagement? How does he believe that the population eating rats and catching doves in the middle of Caracas is mismangement? I don´t get it and dont understand how he can make comedy of millions of people starving !!!!! John Oliver shame on you …….

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