Training Tutorial | Nail Trimming

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47 thoughts on “Training Tutorial | Nail Trimming

  1. Even as a human I'm terrified of nail clippers, it must be way worse with birds… You did a great job, bless you. 🙏

    What I'm wondering is how it works in the nature. Will their nails just use themselves up because the birds are much more active in the wild?

  2. Heyyy! So I have a question.. A while ago (like a year or two) I was on a plane coming from Houston TX (I think, I might have been going) and I saw a girl that looked very much like you, I got way too shy to go up to you if it was even you, was it? (Sorry I have the memory of a goldfish)

  3. Hello Flock Talk
    I am Seagram Shahid from Bird Mani
    I have 40k subscribers and I also make training videos but in hindi
    I wanted to. Ask u some questions
    Plz email me your contact on
    Glad to see that you are back

  4. I've been trying to use a nail file for a month and that hasn't worked so I'm going to start working on this process because it is expensive where I live to get them professionally clipped even though my birds are budgies

  5. lol, I am wearing my "no one knows I'm trans" shirt while watching this XD Also this is a great video! I've been using a lot of tips from this channel and they're all great! I bought a feather bright light bulb for my budgie after seeing them recommended in one of these videos and the before and after on his beak is incredible! His beak used to look so dried out but now it's smooth and shiny and he even seems to have an extra boost in energy for an already very energetic little bird.

  6. Sorry for the weird question, but what's your real name? I think you look like a mia or a Janice….
    I feel like it starts with a J but I'm going to be wrong and embarrass myself

  7. a quick question for you: I am gonna buy some budgies but I have heard you can't train budgies if you buy more than one at a time … I wanted to buy two budgies and I also want to teach them to do tricks ( like yours ) so do you have any suggestions on this +++ can you do a vid on how to buy a bird 🐦, how to pick a good bird ( healthy) … thx

  8. We got a tiny pet nail dremal, since we're scared of hurting the birds and doing a swift zzt on the point would be quicker. Would the same type of training apply? Or would it be easier to towel them?

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