The Best of Eagle Attacks On Human & Animal | Most Amazing Wild Animal Fights ✓

Video Are The Biggest and Most Powerful Eagle Attacks in the world Top Best Eagle Attacks on human and animal, crazy animal attack people, humans See …

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33 thoughts on “The Best of Eagle Attacks On Human & Animal | Most Amazing Wild Animal Fights ✓

  1. I find it hysterical this ignorant idea of human life being less valuable than any other species. Had it not been an eagle swooping in to carry away and then rip into and eat the family dog I wonder how the reactions to defending the eagle would go?? If it were a gator? A snake? Something not as cool and beautiful? First off, you dummies, they had to continue kick at it because that eagle, like most, wasn't just giving up. They usually try and keep their claws in the victim no matter what. And I'm sure, though I haven't replayed to see, the eagle continued to fight for it's meal even after the family fought back. I don't believe they were stomping at as some "human win bird lose" triumph thing. I'm sure with fear and adrenaline pumping, the piercing cry of their beloved dog continuing on and on, and the killer bird jerking to get back up with those sharp claws was enough to cause them to respond defensively and aggressively. It's just baffling how much you all act like your heart bleeds for every species except your own. Well, keep it up, if you hold true to your word and dont turn straight up pussy if ever face to face with a true wildlife predator then you actually will bleed for these mofo's. We are no different than They are. Trust me, if any other animal species had the ability to overtake the lands and overpopulate the lands, they absolutely would. Because that is survival. Ensuring YOU, therefore your species, survive. And that would eventually involve domination if you come out at the top of the food chain.

  2. Stop complaining about that eagle getting stepped on. Eagles are bold af and so disrespectful. I like when they get that reality check, they be testing every other animals gangsta.

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