Sparky dancing and singing Greatest human talking parrot

In memory of Sparky’s mum Wilma who has died R.I.P Contains swearing, We are just learning him to sing ,you will hear him sing Hello Hello ,dont you think he …

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20 thoughts on “Sparky dancing and singing Greatest human talking parrot

  1. Is there a lot of sound near him is he near the Tv ,they wont talk if things are loud near them or strangers freaking them out,they can get very stressed without you knowing ,hands getting waved near them ,you could stroke the bars near his head then in time as he gets used to you stroke his head through the bars that way he feels secure and cant get a bite at you,also give him his treats through the bars by hand.
    Where is Michael Orsi is he good Sparky needs another beak trim Coatbridge ??

  2. I love sparky the top 3 phases that make me laugh the most are:
    3) ill kick your balls…son!
    2) ball bag
    1) oh for fuck sake!
    XD is his beak ok though?? because it looks like it was going to the side a bit and i hope he adjusts to his new cage my parrot kept biting me when we changed his cage

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