Here’s a quick shopping for Sketchbook vlog for everyone who needs a little help when it comes to picking out the RIGHT sketchbook for YOU! I go shppoing for …

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  1. Currently, I am working in a notebook that was gifted to me. ❤ It has my name on it and a leather cover, I doodle, draw and journal in it; trying to experience new things in it too. It's very dear to me cause it's from my best friend I met this year, who also happens to be the guy I love. 😂😍

  2. I have Daler Rowney sketchbooks, I got two of them, and apparently they do come apart easily. One has the spine ripping off, so I put duck tape on them, and the other has it’s separate pages coming apart, it’s starting to do that (and I just got it! I’m gonna get a book glue fixer and mend it back together). I don’t have a hobby Lobby or Michael’s in my town, Michael’s is my favorite, a different town close to where I live had built one and I’m hoping to go there, and if they ever build one In my town I would like to work there. I’ll probably try those ILLO sketchbooks, I’ll probably get one for Xmas.

  3. I love your channel and I am thinking about buying a sketch book because I love to draw. And create art. I have been watching you since 2014! Love your channel.

  4. I have few choices in my area since our art/craft options are Joann Fabric, Pat Catan, and WalMart. I decided to try the Strathmore sketch 200 series because it was the only smaller sized sketchbook besides the Daler-Rowney simply line that I already knew wasn't really great for anything beyond light warm ups or really loose sketches for ideas in my WalMart. The piece I did in graphite turned out really well, so I was happy at first. Left it in my bag like I did my simply and my Canson XL mixed media sketchbooks for nearly 2 years with no trouble. The Strathmore smudged and scrubbed to the point I have yet to get the heart to try to fix it. I was so glad I took a photo right after I had finished it or it would have been a lot harder to accept. I did finally break down and get another simply, this time hard bound rather than spiral, to see how I like that binding. I was really putting off studies and some practice I knew I would do in that simply sketchbook just because I see it as throw away in quality. So it created a small problem where when I want to use the Strathmore for a piece, it has to be where I will be at home only which is disappointing in a way. I feel bad having bought it and then feeling like I can't take full advantage of its size.

    Hmm, maybe my paper mate erasable color leads won't smudge like the graphite… I really need to figure out how to make that book portable without feeling like everything put in it won't be ruined.

  5. I use the Canson XL mixed media paper, only I get it at walmart because its half the price.
    Its not the greatest paper in the world but when you're poor like me it works. XD – I love it. :3
    I'm sure Strathmore is better, but its also unaffordable for me so XD

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