Sam the African Grey Parrot talking

Here is Sam (AKA Samuel, Sammy, Little Bird, Small Bird, Sad Bird, Bad Bird, Good Bird, Little Boy or any variation thereof) going through his usual routine of …

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26 thoughts on “Sam the African Grey Parrot talking

  1. @twrdsbalnce My thoughts exactly 🙂 you get all these people saying "Why do you leave them in the cages all the time." Well you don't ALL The time. I usually took mine out and actually physically held and played with them for about an hour a day. I talked to them all the time, but in a house with multiple pets, you can't just let birds run loose all the time. Plus what other people don't realize is they can hurt themselves by trying to fly around in the hosue, break a wing, etc.

  2. He talks like that all the time and what you heard is only a small part of his vocabulary. he does some really cool stuff i hope to catch on tape for a future post… like when he calls the dogs over asking them if they want a treat and then, when they get close enough, throws seeds on them and laughs histerically.

  3. its weird, he does that every now and then but most of the time he's fine. he gets out every day in te evenings to play. he had a smaller cage when he was younger that may not have been ideal for him so maybe thats why. I have been watching for it more since someone first posted about it and it's only an occasional thing.

  4. This was amazing. I love "Come here, Weinerdog!" and "Sammy wants a treat." Aw, "Where you going, Sammy?" I could watch this for hours. "Wanna come out? Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle." I'm amazed at the accuracy and precision of his sounds (the soda-can, the barking, the whistling). I love the way he said "Weinerdog, COME. HERE!" and "Weinerdog, want a treat?" towards the end. I want a talking bird so badly. Do the dogs respond to the bird at all when he talks to them like that?

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