PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Do NOT buy a parrot just because you’ve seen bird video’s. Here’s why.

Also, once filming stopped, I remembered Bob’s last name. It’s Barker. Bob Barker. Do not just go out and buy a bird, just because you’ve seen Petra’s viral …

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31 thoughts on “PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Do NOT buy a parrot just because you’ve seen bird video’s. Here’s why.

  1. We had to clean poop off some interesting places for some of our birds. They'd get excited and jump or flap their wings and the poop hits the wall! lol. I'm sure you've seen that one before too.

  2. I've owned birds for 30 years (mostly small and medium sized birds). Always wanted an African Grey. But years later, I realized there's just no way. I don't even have pets at the moment. It's not just a time commitment, it's a financial one. You really can enjoy a small or medium sized bird just as much as a large parrot. They ALL have the feathers, dander, poop, noise, etc., just that parrots have more, and require more care.

    Thanks PetraGrey for sharing this!

  3. I work at a humane society managing adoptions and too often I see the kind of stuff you're talking about. Too many people think a pet is a fashion piece, or furnishing for their home, or just something cute to mess around with when they feel like it, and they get this idea that they love animals but they really don't. A lot of those people bring their animals back within a few days because they weren't prepared to actually care for them. We do some screening to send animals home with good owners and prevent their mistreatment, but with the current system there's only so much we can do. Additionally, I've seen firsthand the horrible things mistreatment of an animal can cause years back when someone I know got two budgies and wasn't prepared to care for them right. They became extremely stressed and sick and died in her care.

    With all that said I would like to think that I know the responsibility that comes along with pet ownership, and especially very high maintenance pets like birds, because I do love these little dears a lot and just watching them grow and learn and interact with their environment astounds me. They're so intelligent and deserve all the respect and care that a person can give them. I don't know if I'd be able to properly care for one right now, but hopefully sometime in the future!

  4. One thing that I did that save a ton of work was I got one of those carpet protecters that go under office chairs and put it under the cage. When I had carpet it stayed in place, but I moved and still wanted the ease of pulling it outside and shaking it out and cleaning it with a hose, but it would slip on the floor so I bought silicone in a caulking tube in the paint section at Walmart. I put zigzags on the floor side and let it dry and it didn't slip anymore. I used the rest of the tube on some throw rugs. It's a great life hacks.

  5. Rabbits honestly have more poo. At least it is pretty easy to clean. The pee, however…

    It's the sort of thing that, once it soaks in, it stays. Along with the stench. And then they give you those loving bunny eyes. It's worse than puppies.

    As for their water, they need a dish to drink from. Creamsicle, my larger rabbit, will wash newspaper, grass, and towels if they smell like Theo, the smaller rabbit. I love my bunnies. Even with the literal pissing contest- spaying/neutering helps rabbits with the hormonal issues, but they will pee and poop all over if an unfamiliar rabbit is in their space.

    And Petra's Owner is right. Don't buy an animal just because it's Easter or a popular movie featuring animals comes out or something. Rabbits or birds or anything really are not good starter pets. They need a lot of care. And in my opinion, the people who get a pet to teach their child responsibility are bonkers. You shouldn't just thrust complete care of an animal on a child. They'll need reminding or you will kill the poor unsuspecting animal. And once again, please, please, please do not impulse buy an animal. Theo, who I mentioned earlier is a suspected "Easter bunny". When my family adopted him, he was jumpy, bitey (which is easy to cure), and would spray pee because his hormones hadn't settled yet. It was pretty hard to get him to a place where he was willing to let us pet him. He's doing better now; he actually lets me cuddle with him (the proper way to do this is laying next to the rabbit because they, rather understandably, like being on the ground) and will even come to me to snuggle. It took three months to get to this point. Creamsicle basically immediately warmed up to my entire family, and Theo's still not sure about a couple of my family members.

  6. I’m heavily considering a bird. I’m a huge introvert, so I don’t see a one person bird being a problem for me, and I’m home all the time I can. Watching videos like this, though, to try and convince myself not to. In my opinion you shouldn’t buy an animal unless you know all the potential flaws and risks and still really want one, whether it be a small rodent or a huge dog.

  7. I have to ask…I give Lucy that type of Zupreem as well…does Petra have a preference to color? Lucy will not eat the orange ones, lol.

    Also…I must agree…do NOT buy a bird on a whim. They are messy, noisy and molt/hormones = SUPER cranky. You have to have a TON of patience. I was basically adopted by Lucy…she wasn't supposed to be mine but she chose me. I'm a bird person now but I didn't know what to feed her or what to expect. It was a crash course in bird. XD

  8. I have two quails and they're my babies♥️ birds have a lot of personality and you have to learn how to deal with it and be super careful with their hygiene, the toys you let them have and the food you gave to them. A dog/cat its a pet lvl 1, a chicken-like bird like my quails are lvl 30 and a medium parrot like Petra is probably lvl 93

  9. I have a budgie same thing a lot of feathers when he malts and poo. But when I got him I didn't know anything about birds. Trust me when I have do your research into what bird you get. I would happily re-home a rescue bird but I would do my research into my next bird. My family got me my budgie to help me with my post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) it's so amazing to watch him get his feathers in line and do is thing. But I have said it before please do your research

  10. The birds can be really vicious too, ripping off lips, noses, scooping out eyes ….."
    Please don’t expect they will be wonderful talkers, some don’t want to talk.
    They are also very destructive, they think nothing of pushing a crystal vase off a shelf, they tear wallpaper , curtains, even plaster from walls
    I think if you want a parrot then buy budgies and cockatiels,but they can be extremely noisy too
    I’ve heard many distressing tales of neglect by parrot owners
    For these birds you need to be home most of the day and to have endless patience, my current bird is a black headed caique, he can be extremely loud and shrill but that can be stopped easily, he cage is kept clean and we have read up on care and diets of these little parrots but we love him dearly 💚💚💙💛

  11. Petra serves as my adopted bird. Two of my friends also have birds, so I visit theirs. Just like visiting a family member's child vs having your own, you hand them back after they poop or misbehave.

  12. You forgot to mention the chewing and the noise. Find a toddler. Give that toddler a can opener, a screwdriver and an air horn. Now let that toddler loose in your house for the next 40 years and see what kind of things they choose to destroy.

  13. This actually answered a question I had for a while, about whether Petra plucked – thanks for answering it, and for the PSA in general. I'm always glad to see PSAs or the videos that include the hardships of owning a bird in addition to the cute stuff.
    I adore birds and had always wanted an African Grey when I was a bit younger. Now I know far too well that I'm not a good candidate for owning a bird, especially one as sensitive as Greys tend to be. While I would have done my homework (as with any pet, I was cautious even when I adopted my cat!) I could tell when I first started to flip through bird videos like Mr Max and Gotcha & Letty that it was way more time than I can provide. But I do occasionally help out with the local parrot rescue though.. many of whom ended up there for reasons you listed or worse.

  14. We have 2 CAGs, and they’re quite a handful. They require at least 6 hours human attention a day — I think they’re worse than having a couple 2 year olds. And I mean close constant attention.

    On the other hand we just love the crap out of them.

  15. Greys are very much a one-owner bird. They take a LOT of handling and work. Their beaks are strong enough to draw blood. If you aren't willing to commit to taking care of a foot tall 2 year old for the next 25-70 years, consider a bird other than a Grey.

  16. I’m planning on getting a cockatiel when I get my own place in 5 years I’m 14 if you’re wondering. I have been doing lots of research about them I don’t know if you mentioned this in your video but it’s very important to do research on birds before buying one.

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