Parrot Really Talking On Phone & whistles Addams Family duet

See youtube for PART 2 — better yet for talking. You can see that she really …

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20 thoughts on “Parrot Really Talking On Phone & whistles Addams Family duet

  1. @Jonny19191 hey bro…1st lesson about animals…parrots in particular…

    they aren't an 'IT'. you'll find that out soon enough when he/she starts letting you know who's in control. many people have trouble with parrots because someone way back tried to tell us the way to control parrots was to dominate them. NOT. they don't take to that very well.

    re- our grey–about 4 yrs old. she didn't start talking until 1.5 yrs. BEWARE–THEY DON'T ALWAYS TALK. check it out for yourself on the net.

  2. @archangel1092 the smartest bird is the one you train. every bird is different–just like every human is different. not every bird can sing, dance, talk, or use tools. our jenday was smarter than our grey, but look how smart our grey is.

    just like humans… every animal has special talents and skills. it's up to the human to be observant and to learn those talents and to help the bird be the best and happiest it can. they love to show off their talents — esp if you reward them with love.

  3. @xoheartz3xo LOL Bobo actually did have the song mastered then. She could sing the whole thing and do a complete duet. But there were 2 things going on in the video – one was the camera in her face, and the other was that she was in one of those birdie mindsets where they do part of the song, and then get distracted by other things before they can finish.

    The cool thing now is that she will talk to other people on the phone too – not just us (but she still doesn't always finish the song! haha)

  4. hi –

    I tried to figure out which 'second bird' you meant. The ones on camera were all African Grey. The one you could hear in the background was a conure — a jendaya conure.

    hope that helps!

  5. Yes, komoea is right – whistle it a LOT for him.

    We also cheated. 😉 We used YouTube.

    The video Bobo liked best was the original TV series theme – she LOVED those finger snaps! We also showed her a couple of videos of other birds whistling it. Bobo especially liked Elmo and Switch. The title of Switch's video says he sings it 'poorly' but he's okay plus he does the taps really well – which got Bobo's attention 😉

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