Parrot Cuddles & Drama 4_4

Hey everyone! Apologies for missing a few uploads lately, been dealing with some pretty shocking family news. Enough of that though! This video compilation is …

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29 thoughts on “Parrot Cuddles & Drama 4_4

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  2. I hope everything is ok with your family. I haven't been watching for a while but I'm back and catching up.
    What is up with Pabu's crest? I hope it's just a feather out of place and nothing permenant. Wild. I guess instead of bed Head he has roost head. is he too busy to comb his feathers?

  3. Hey bud, new to your channel! Wonder why I missed to see your awesome vlogs.
    Korra 😍😍 you are fun!
    Watched some of vlogs. But I Need to plan some days off to see all of your vlogs. Thanks for sharing and I like the way you have build up with your positive and very friendly comments to all subscribers(including some of them who thinks what they want and putting unfriendly comments). 👌👌👌
    Until next vlog.

  4. Pabu is still wearing that special hair style! Since he already has a mohawk, is this his version of a teenager getting a mohawk hair cut to rebel against adults? Or, maybe Korra told him to do it to rebel against you and your horrible hair cuts?!?!

  5. Hope all is well with your family, man – Don't forget that you have family here on YouTube too, but some of us are the creepy uncle-touchy kind of family. Anyway if you need anything I'll be outside your window.

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