Parrot ANAFI Review – Part 3 – [Range Test In-Depth]

Enjoy my Parrot ANAFI Review – Part 3 – Range Test In-Depth Get it here: 4K Capable SD card Drone Launch …

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39 thoughts on “Parrot ANAFI Review – Part 3 – [Range Test In-Depth]

  1. Interesting. Some others with pimped Bebop 2 drones have also reported that it returns home dead -on 3500. I wonder if there's an internal limit somewhere in the app or firmware?

  2. Unfortunately I live in the UK, I just bought the Anafi and the range here is absolutely awful, I get signal loss at about 150 meters, looks like I'll be selling it and save up for a Mavic again.

  3. Dustin, If you would have been higher, do you think the res wifi would have made such an impact? I'm most impressed by the wifi band scan. Of course that's only where you take off. I suppose a clean band at take off could be a very busy band several hundred meters away. I really like this drone. Thanks.

  4. Hi Dustin, new to your channel, looking good!
    Can you change the format of your videos please? I find the live feed video more important, or atleast relevant, especially with these range test videos, i think it should be the main video shown, with the recorded video in the corner. Just my opinion.
    P.s. what the chances you give me your mavic or anifi? 😉
    Good work mate.

  5. Nice graphic on map which shows the direction where controller is pointed. I'm sure this is very usefull. (Y)

    Nice would be to see range test at higher altitude like 50 meters or in non residential area. To see how FPV performs without interferences.

  6. Great video and review as usual. When you said WiFi bubble it got me to thinking. What if you got up over that bubble would the signal get better? I wonder what would happen on your next flight if you were at say 3 or 400 feet over those houses? Would the signal be any clearer? Just a thought. Happy Flying

  7. There are videos of the Mavic Air greatly improving its range by manually putting it into the 5ghz band instead of 2.4. Most home WiFi’s are 2.4 and interfered with the Anafi, would love to see this same test in 5ghz only, I don’t expect additional range as much as a clearer fpv

  8. Here I was on YouTube.. "hmm wondering if Dustin uploaded", saw the video and my face went 😀 Great stuff, pretty nice distance! Edit: the interference.. it is exactly what I feared, it would be interesting the see the Mavic Air make exactly the same path and see how it does.

  9. Another great job Dustin! Let's hope Parrot does an update soon to fix the absolutely unacceptable (IMO) fixed RTH altitude of 20 meters. I'll be all in if they do- if not, the Anafi's fatally flawed as far as I'm concerned. Here's hoping. Cheers!

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