Parrot Anafi Micro SD Card Holder, What’s the Big Deal

Parrot Anafi Micro SD Card Holder, What’s the Big Deal.

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27 thoughts on “Parrot Anafi Micro SD Card Holder, What’s the Big Deal

  1. Bryan, great clip and the only thing I would add (since I did a clip complaining about the memory holder) is that even though I transfer the files off of the ANAFI to my workstation through the USB at the end of the day, I often need to check to make sure I have the shots I need before leaving a location. To do that review, I pull the SD card so I can review them on the tablet to make sure they are framed right and the video looks good. Other times I may swap out a card halfway through a day of filming in case I ever lose the quad so that I still have the content from that morning of flying. Like I said in the clip, it's not an issue that would prevent me from recommending the quad but they could have chosen a more durable solution for holding the card. Keep flying and posting! Rick

  2. You need to take the 16gb memory card out if you want to replace with a bigger one.
    Also if you want to transfer large video files quickly from a fast card reader…
    I have used this memory card holder set-up in the past, but this is the flimsiest one I have ever used!
    The card sits directly under the 2700mAh lithium battery which gets very hot after flying for a while.
    The industrial card that comes with the drone can take the heat, but there are others that function intermittently when hot, I'm afraid.
    That is if you can somehow get a larger card to format to FAT32 and be usable by the drone, in the first place.
    I know you should be able to format the card in the drone, but that doesn't work very well if at all most of the time.
    Including a 16gb memory card with a $700 videocentric drone is a token at best from Parrot.
    Why decided to use the relatively old and more obscure FAT32 format is puzzling as well.
    Maybe I'm the only one with these issues, doubt it though.

  3. the issue is the card holder is it is fragile(old technology). Also to say you dont have to remove memory card does not apply to a lot of people as they are doing projects in the field that require more than the small memory on the card that came with unit.

  4. Day five of flying my new Anafi sucked. I hit the launch button and my drone rose the few usual feet and then suddenly flew horizontally apx ten feet and crashed into the side of a trailer and snapped the left side prop arm off. This thing is nowhere near as robust as my Bebop 2.

  5. I am no expert by any means but having the card right there under the battery would that not be a bad idea? I mean you have memory storage which can be wiped or corrupted by magnetism underneath a source of electromagnetism and heat. Not sure it would do that but it is the only thing I could think people might find odd.

  6. if the drone takes great photos and video ….you don't gripe about an extra 30 seconds involved with getting the footage …or …just as Bryan told you …plug in …and download straight off the bird ….seems to many folks been watching Ready Player One …and just want to swipe the air with their hand and the shit shows up on the PC ….It's all about creating !! now ….LET'S CREATE !!

  7. Your right Bryan, a lot of people have been complaining about the memory card slot, and even the size of the memory card. Thanks for the info that you don't even need to remove the card to transfer your video, not many mention this feature. The Irix Guy has said that he can't use another memory in the Anafi, that it won't format correctly. Do you still recommend Anafi, so many people cheap saying it feels cheap?

  8. Well the problem people were having was they were trying to take out the memory card when outside and the silver card holder would fall out and could not be found. Like you said Bryan, there is no need to take it out. Easy solution the way you explained it. What's all the fuss? Thanks for the info.👍

  9. Some folk will moan about anything,watched all your videos about the anafi and I’m really tempted,just waiting for some uk reviews see how much the ce affects the range ?

  10. I've seen comments where people are going through many memory cards in a day and want to swap them on the fly, are in the backwoods for extended periods and don't have a PC to download to. That is fair enough. Not sure what % of the population can't take a laptop with them. I tried an OTG cable from the Anafi to my IPad and my iPad couldn't support the current draw. Has anyone solved the SD card formatting issue yet? And when will batteries be available?

  11. What you said is true .. to an extent. Parrot only provides you with a 16GB card … which is NOT going to hold much 4K high bit rate video. If you have several batteries, you're going to blow thru 16 GB fast and have to change cards out at the field. Secondly, yes, you can plug into the battery USB C port, but the transfer rate will be much slower than if you put that card in a USB 3.0 reader and plug it into a USB 3.0 port on you computer .. especially for huge 4K files. So, there are reasons to want to remove the card, and that antiquated card holder system is not robust enough to handle a lot of card exchanges, removals, and re-installations. I think that's where the complaint is. The usual "push in and hear the click" type microSD card holder, used even on sub $50 toy grade quads, is what should have been used. It was just a poor decision on Parrot's part. I don't think they used that kind of card holder on the Bebop or Disco. Now that Parrot has tooled up and decided to use it, they are pretty much committed to keeping it. Some will be fine with using the USB C battery port for off-loading video .. perhaps even at the field. Other will lament that a better solution wasn't initially incorporated into the design. Cheers.

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