PARROT ANAFI – Follow Me Mode – Is it worth it?

Note: “Follow Me” mode is a term used by Parrot. The same feature on a DJI Drone is entitled “Active Track”. When I speak of DJI and use the term “Follow Me”, …

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39 thoughts on “PARROT ANAFI – Follow Me Mode – Is it worth it?

  1. Love this drone but really upset that the day after i purchased the expensive $30 each "follow me and nav mode apps", they sent me an email saying it was 99c for the next month…. Apple would not refund and Parrot offered me 10% discount on a spare battery at $99USD… and with shipping to Canada thats $200 CDN dollars, …. A little miffed as i was one of the people that purchased the anafi on release day, hoped they would have been more understanding as i told so many people what a great drone it was, so i decided that i would buy a battery on Amazon… cost me $30 less than the price they offered but still love the anafi, very quiet but last time i will buy on release day, and perhaps from Parrot and of course will tell them that its a good drone but way to expensive, i have a DJI as well and am at a crossroad due to Parrots stupid decision to charge for what is normally included in other drone sales, would have hoped the could have refunded me at least the cost of the apps

  2. Awesome review and demo – I need to pick this one because I need that low shot to film me playing basketball down low. But do you think I can be hands free with it that low? and just have the app/phone in my pocket? (just did some more research and I guess the question is now – does auto follow work down low?) Thanks so much – new subscriber

  3. Tried to buy it, but it wouldnt allow. I want to buy it, but when I click on the box…nothing happens. Called Parrot and they said that it was a bug in the app. Maybe so, but I havent heard anyone else with this problem.

  4. Great video, thanks for posting this information. Do you think "follow me" would work if the controller & phone were in a backpack. Would love to see a video on a bicycle or motorcycle, which is my intention for buying one. Thanks!

  5. I tested Follow Me yesterday and couldn't get it to work 🙁 I tapped it and drew the shape around my figure but it wouldn't follow. Do you need to do something else after you've selected it?

  6. Thanks for paying to demo this. Looks like it's worth it. Kind that follows the transmitter. Not hands free like optical follow but works better (until they improve the optical follow).

  7. I'm a skilled pilot with tons of flight time experience and definitely find sensors super helpful for those close flights to objects. I tend to turn it off on most occasions but would rather know it's there available whenever I need it.
    Not impressed with the ANAFI so at least for me, I'll rather pass on it.

  8. Great job Captain! Seems to get a very good lock on the subject, although you DID have the controller with you throughout the test. According to a few of the reply's below, it uses a combination of visual, gps, and barometric sensors to use the follow function. It seems to work very well indeed! Would be very interesting if you did another test vid without the controller in hand, to see how effective the follow mode works using only the visual sensor. You could bring a friend to lock on to, while you keep the controller in hand in case of a problem. Done it many times with my P3P using the Litchi app. Again, great job of showing the follow mode of this very cool Parrot offering! Suscribed

  9. Besides hearing a bunch of people complain about this drone is hearing people saying that the follow me mode is really good.

    Because it is new it's going to need a few little tweaks and updates to fix a few things.

    Feature for feature it is kind of a step down to the Mavic pro and I am fully capable of using all the features on the Mavic but I am enjoying this drone.

    Sometimes you need to take a break from the complexity and enjoy a little bit of simplicity.

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