Hey guys, this is the second part of the series about the Amazon Parrot that I found bleeding from his mouth and suffering head trauma. In this video you will see …

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  1. Lil bird is doing so well, look how he leaned in when you gave him the chance. DO you ever do the slow blink thing with them to tell them they are safe and to bond? Wait till they are looking at you then do a realllly slow blink and when you open your eyes still be looking at them, as they bond or feel safe they reply with the same. Once you have that down the other one I've done with my birds is as you close your eyes on slow blink slowly tilt your head down like a slow nod and then raise your head up just as you slowly open your eyes I use that to tell them its safe its ok.
    Part 3 is the same but using slowly looking up with your head while you eyes are closed or looking at where you want them to go. like look at them, look at the new perch and then look at them again. they get that's where you want them to go. No vocals except low sounds, especially when they are poorley

  2. Marlene! my lovebird is very very attached and obsessed with her cage. I always take her out and she's a total sweetheart but its kinda frustrating that she always wants to be in her cage. What can I do? Can you make a video about that please? maybe about cage attachment and aggression?

  3. Marlene my 12 year old rescue macaw who I have had only a month passed away unexpectedly today. I’m absolutely torn apart with grief. I’ve never had an animal touch me as much as he did. Because of your videos, I gave him the best month of his entire life. For the first time, he was free. His tail was able to stretch out, he was free to flap. He called out for me when he wanted to be next to me, and chattered to me. I will miss my baby so much more than words can ever describe, but I wanted to thank you. Thank you so much for showing me that free is beautiful. My only regret is I didn’t have more time with him, to show him how big his world was. 😭💚

  4. It maybe a bird who was born with humans, then has been wild for a while. I just love how you are able to be so nurturing to this bird. I have a story about a bird that picked it's person. There was a family that lost a sun conure named Coco. Near Mount Washington. We have a friend who is a judge who has a house there and a sun conure landed on his shoulder while gardening. He kept the bird and they have bonded, she has even crawled in his shirt and laid an egg more than once. He named her Coco. I found the ad for the family once when I found a cockatiel flying in this area, but I could not catch her (it was a female). I told the judge and his partner about it, the lost Coco went missing around the time his Coco landed on his shoulder (I do not have the exact dates). He did not look up the family. He really loves this bird and cares for it extremely well. They are a family now too. It may not be their bird, I don't know, so I let it go. My deep prayers that Picasso makes his way back to you, but if he can't take heart in this sweet creature opening it's heart to you. If it were Captian Nemo, in the Coco story, I would get another bird and trust in my belief in God's love and surrender over circumstances we cannot control. I still remind my friend to tell the judge to contact that family periodically. Love & Light, Maren

  5. If u find the owner ask for proof that they’re the real owner . Like a picture and a cage . I have heard so many stories where people bought these beautiful birds and then realized they can’t handle the bird and just let it free so even if you do find the real owner ask how the bird got free and just trust your gut . Like do they still have the birds food and cage , did they post an ad anywhere looking for it , etc?
    Just looking out for the bird

  6. Maralene Mc'Cohen I have some advise on getting Picasso back, this worked for me when one of our family family birds flew away, we took out the other bird in a harness and gave him some treats both birds loved. The other bird came back to us. I wish you the best of luck.

  7. Marlene you’re so cute I can’t 💕 like how you take little bites of the food so the bird wants to try it. It is a good thing you are experienced and educated about birds and this little guy ended up in your care.

  8. You have such a calming vibe to you. Animals seem to just love being around you. I'm still keeping the hope that you will find Picasso. Hugs from Minnesota

  9. Marlene, as a lifelong parrot owner myself, I have the utmost respect for you. God bless you, and keep up all of your wonderful "work" (don't know about you, but it's NEVER work for me when I am blessed to work with and help any bird – wild or pet). Love to you, and positive thoughts in finding beautiful Picasso. 🙂

  10. What I'm worried abt with him is that he doesn't look like a wild bird, nor act like one. Ive heard of many ppl buying big parrots and then just releasing them once they can't take care of them. Hopefully he has a good home to go to.

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