Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Today my baby African Grey parrot visits the veterinarian for the first time. We went to my trusted vet VETS IN …

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44 thoughts on “MY BABY BIRD’S FIRST VET VISIT! | Vlog #229

  1. Was your veterinarian and avian specialist? They are the best. General veterinarians can't always diagnose any issues as well as Avian specialists. She's a beautiful grey, my dream parrot besides a Yellow or Red Tailed Australian Black cockatoo.

  2. I love love the baby parrot “ephie” (African gray) oops naming her. So smart. But do you know what I love most?? Me wanting to check the next episode because of the click baits.

  3. Oh hahaha,that signature penguin sitting position is hilarious!! My little sweetie patootee penguinie is healthy so far,yay! Thanks to her dada Mikey who took her to the Vet. And those were pretty girly blankets ate Elsie/ Rj ,and I think she likes them all.,,, oh so spoiled with love and attention! xoxo

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