Methods for Putting Parrot Back Into Cage This article is about how to put a parrot back in the cage without biting, screaming, flying away, or making trouble. In the video I …

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26 thoughts on “Methods for Putting Parrot Back Into Cage

  1. I command my parrotlet to fly to her cage and she does. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Also useful to keep her for chewing things I don't want to her to chew on. I just command her to fly on the perch on her open cage door, make her perform a trick and reward it.

    I also use that perch as a training perch, so she has fond associations with it. Makes it easy to ger her back.

  2. Hey, I've had a new budgie for at least 5 months now, He Wasn't Hand Reared At The Start, It's Quite Hard to get him away, The Techniques i use is i Normally Make the bird fly back and forth Until it Falls To The Floor ( This Seems A Bit Harsh But It's The Only Thing i can Do). He'd Not Use To Hands So He Wont Step Up, The Other One Is i normally Throw A Tea Towel Over Him Then i Can Grab Him And Put Him In His Cage, Have You Got Any Suggestions?

  3. allready at the start you called you parrot  … whaaaaaaaaaaa… O.O DEAD MY PARROT IS SO SCARED THAT WHEN I GO TO THE CAGE HE WILL PANIC AND FLY AND BECAUSE ITS SO SMALL HE WILL GET HURT. HE HATES ME. crying all the time because everyone hates me. even animals. I have him just to be my bff and we could do enything together but I picked scared one . :,( also mom doesnt let him out because he would poop everywere. hes so tiny

  4. FWIW, my avian vet has advised me to use the exact same method Parrot Wizard is using. If you grab a bird around its body, you risk injuring the air sacs and can induce a panic attack or even suffocate the bird. The grab by the neck method is, apparently, taught in many veterinary schools.

  5. it does seem weird holding them by the head/neck, but parrots hang by the tip of their beak all day, as far as the whole cage thing, I keep the doors closed on their cages when everyone's out playing or flying and when I open the doors their all about just goin home to eat, no hassle, half the time I don't even call them their just there ready

  6. I need your help! Our birds are 3 months old, and they are getting more bitey and aggressive. I am trying to train them by coming to my hand and rewarding them for that. And then I plan to do Step Up. But we have 2 of them, and they seem to egg each other on. Any ideas? Do you come to people's home and share your training knowledge?

  7. Your a dumbass. First things first; Michael has had years of experience with his various birds. He is a genius with them and they are with him. They understand each other 100%. He completely trained them to perfection to accept him and understand what he wants. He also doesn't grab them to harm them, and they know that. Why don't you read up on what he has done, he is by far the most informative bird handler I've seen online.

  8. are you stupid? get the fuck out of here like to pretend.The cages are perfect size and vets need to grab the pet because it might bite the vet they grab them by the neck without covering the chest and proceed to groom the bird.

  9. You didn't listen to a thing I said in the video. I explained that I vary step up, flight recall, and grab as methods for putting the parrots away so that they would be used to any of the methods. Practicing grabbing the bird from time to time is important because it desensitizes them to it for when they might need to be grabbed for grooming or by a vet. This just keeps them tame and well rounded as a pet. I don't "have to grab it" but I can. That's the point that you clearly missed.

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