Marnie the Parrot comments on birds singing

During a visit to see Marnie I captured this video. Marnie the ring-neck parrot listens to Mr Pretty bird, the cockatiel, perform some songs and makes comments as …

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23 thoughts on “Marnie the Parrot comments on birds singing

  1. Aww so sweet😊💖😍😍 reminds me of my beloved cockatoo I had years ago but unfortunately he's no longer with us😌 I trained him how to say his name turkey man and he'd go on repeat sometimes turk turk turkeyman he hated the thoughts of Christmas he he!!

  2. I don't know if you'd be able to ask your sister about this, but the head twitching that Marnie does throughout the entire video- my IRN does it as well and I have no idea why! :0

    I can't seem to find any answers online…

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