Lineolated Parakeets Talking

Lineolated Parakeets Talking | These are my lineolated Parakeets (Linnies) Merlin is the cobalt, Wizard is the Turquoise, Nugget is the Cream. Listen to Nugget …

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27 thoughts on “Lineolated Parakeets Talking

  1. hello , nice birds , i wanna ask you something , i have 4 pairs of linnes , and  iam in big trouble had pair yellow and white and they both lay eggs after 3 months discovered they are both females so i separate them and get another two birds for each hen , now i have doubts about them all who is male and who is female  the problem that each pair stay together and help each other cleaning feather i try to put them all together and see if they will make true couples but they fight and each pair get close to each other even the both females , i do not have DNA test here so how could you help me to be sure they are true couples i have pair gray and one blue one white and one yellow and green 🙁 thank you

  2. beautiful!!!   I found the Lineolated Parakeet 10 years ago an am absolutely hooked!  Please check out the Lineolated Parakeet Society our website!!    It is international and we could use help to promote this very special little bird!!    You can find us on facebook or go to your browser and search for the Lineolated Parakeet Society.  thanks for posting these beautiful birds!

  3. My little budgie loves this video; her talking is a little garbled but not bad– mostly "hi sweetheart". Both of us are enchanted by all of them but especially "me, monster, arrrrr". Good job. 

  4. How did you hand-train yours so well? I just got mine a week ago, but he hates hands and prefers to perch on shoulders or on the top of my head. I've tamed other birds (doves, cockatiels) successfully but I don't have any experience with birds as intelligent as these, so I'm afraid that if I try to force hand-sitting on him he's going to end up aggressive and less affectionate. Do you have any tips?

  5. Hi. I have two males. They are very bonded, so I have to take them out together. Are your bonded with each other? Both of mine can talk. One taught the other everything he knows.

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