How to Make a Copper Proofing Parrot

Here’s a link to the parrot parts: Transcription: Hey, how’s it going? This is Kyle Brown with Clawhammer Supply — makers of premium …

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21 thoughts on “How to Make a Copper Proofing Parrot

  1. Is that built correctly? I built my parrot to where the large pipe where the alcoholometer floats is above the lip of the top catch cup and runoff stem. Makes reading the proof 10X easier and more accurate than it being recessed down in the cup. In that build you will be reading the proof at the drain stem port and viewing at a 45º angle.

  2. Do yourself a favor!, assemble in the order Kyle has done it.  I'm a handyman carpenter and have done random small sweating projects, another involving reducers and such.  I thought I was smart and assembled the whole thing thinking I was a wisenheimer.  Nope.  I got the first couple joints soldered all around the "T" and came to the large pipe… ended up desoldering all the other joints.  I felt like a newb… And all the heat destroys the flux on future joints and leaves nasty unsolder-able joints.  I had to take apart some of the joints, clean them up and start over.  Yeah…  Wish I had watched this video first. lol

  3. And here I was about to send Kyle an email asking if this parrot was an overflow and catch design so the proof and trale meter could be easily read.  Nice work Kyle.  You're making some great gear.

  4. Good stuff guys. Shows what you can do with a few common supplies from the hardware store. Keep the video's coming. We all can always learn something from one another, or maybe just a new twist on something old.

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