How to Hold a Parrot – Step Up and Grab

This video shows you how to approach a parrot to have it step up or to grab it. This presumes a parrot that already knows how to step up. Please read the full …

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38 thoughts on “How to Hold a Parrot – Step Up and Grab

  1. This question is slightly related to the video, my bird (Cockatiel) won't step up onto my finger in the cage willingly all the time, such as walking away or climbing away, should I use treats and positive reinforcement to help get them to step up willingly while in the cage? (Sorry if there are any mistakes in the spelling) They are only a year old, so this MIGHT be normal, but I won't be calling it that normal.

  2. Parot wazzard i recently in the past 4 days was given my buddy severe macaw (Marly) and ive lived around him 3 months previous to this..i know they are 1 person birds but he would tolerate me sometimes i even had him step up and he gives me kisses threw his cage..but since i have gotten him he hasnt steppd up n he keeps nipping or testing i dont jump away but i tell him now but sometimes thwy can sting and ive been bit before i respect his power..he does that regurgitate thing alot now and i let him out to walk on his cage he usely comes twords what direction im sitting says come here and says step up but when i attempt it he still nips..he has improved alot in the past few days but my main question is with time respect and patience will he ever trust me like his other owner? And love and respect me as well? Thing is i have a attachment to this bird he has never flown and spent his life ina cage but would come out n play he use to walk on the ground but the owner was depressed and stop showing him attention and i started feeding him all the time n walking to him n petting him so no he isnt a strange bird to me..but how do i get him to understand hes my bird now and love me the way he loved them?

  3. i have a ringneck about 5-6 months now and i have him since he was 2 and a half. he is so scared of my hands and i cant figure out why….. if i get my head to close to him i can even touch him without him to bite me.. though if i get my hand close he bites really bad and that the only part hes afraid of my body.. he steps up to my foot and hair, and even in my hands if i wear gloves…. any idea how to make him more comfortable with my hands?

  4. How do I keep my hand near the bird when he bites to hurt me, not just playful nibbling? It's pretty hard to not draw back quickly when he gives me a deep wound. He's a green cheek conure.

  5. My piece of shit cockatiel just keeps fightig me whenever i try to grab him, he doesnt let go of the hand hes sitting on when i try to pick im uo by the neck, and if i do manage to get him to let go he just starts flipping out ad trying to escape…. Help plez

  6. I was teaching my green cheek to let me grab him for the sides not by the neck yet and whenever i lifted him his legs went to the side and not straight like your birds. I am wondering what i am doing wrong

  7. Friday December 26th I will be bringing my white capped pionus parrot home with me. I named it Kilo. Does anyone know if he will like my Dad, Mom, And younger Brother easly? I just hope he does not go arond thinking it is cool to bite people. He has not bitten me yet but only time will tell. I want him or her to be loving and kind to everyone.

  8. When I put my hand the parrot picks up his foot and when I put my hand under his foot he grabs on and starts biting and I don't want to pull away because I think I might hurt him plz help me

  9. I have a female budgie and I started training today. I had her for 1-2 months and I did bonding. Now she is always excited to see me. I train her outside the cage and rarely inside since that's her space and I think once I can hold her outside I can hold her inside. I was wondering, how do I get her to finger train with other people, like family and friends? Thanks!

  10. Check out my book, The Parrot Wizard's Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots about ways to establish trust and friendship with your parrot. You can find it on my website or from Amazon. Best of luck to you.

  11. Hi I really need help here!
    My african grey is 3 months and he steps up when we take him out of his cage but he always grip the cage on the way out and sit on too of the cage instead. Then when we want to take him in or tell him to step up he refuses. He just want to be on top of the cage without letting me hold him. What should I do?

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