Helping Buddy the Quaker Parrot Travel to his New Home

This is Buddy the Quaker. Buddy needed a new home due to his owner being sick with cancer. I helped bring him to his new home as it was a very long drive for …

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13 thoughts on “Helping Buddy the Quaker Parrot Travel to his New Home

  1. Bonne chance Buddy! Tâche d'en profiter pour enseigner des mots français à tes nouveaux gardiens! I hope this is the last rehoming for this bird: we may believe that birds readapt well, but they do not, and these situations are extremely stressful for them.

  2. Oh that is wonderful for him!! Merci beaucoup de l’aider ! Thank you so much for helping him-I’m sure he will be happy in his new loving home!! Bless him!! 💙💕🙏🏼😘

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