Free Flight Parrot Day 8 8_17

We have finally had another “Get Flocked” parrot day, thats the name of our free flight group, unfortunately not everyone could make it but we will try hard to have …

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26 thoughts on “Free Flight Parrot Day 8 8_17

  1. I wish I could train my african grey to do this but he doesn't even like people touching him. I've been trying to gain his trust, he's just never been handled by people and he's already 7

  2. Beautiful and lovely to see them outside of a cage, and socialising. Just as it should be, but I hope none of them fly off and lost.
    Birds will bath themselves, but not if forced.

  3. Hey man love your vidz, I have a question. Do you have any good suggestions for info on Eclectus parrots? I've been doing research but have been running into mixed information. I'm extremely interested in these birds. Thanks! Keep the vidz comin!

  4. It must be lovely to drink that naturally-flavoured water if you have been used to tapwater. No chlorine or chemicals. Dogs and cats prefer lakes and puddles to tapwater.

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