Everything You Need To Know About PARROTS In Minecraft!

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41 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About PARROTS In Minecraft!

  1. Tamed parrots also have a bad habit of glitching when told to stay put. I had one glitch into a wall and suffocate, and another glitched out of my house and got blown up by a creeper. He has a little memorial now. RIP Connor.

  2. The reaon that parots die if you feed them cookies is because at first they were tamed by them but a player told mojang that people might try to feed real parots these and the will die because choolate is hazardous


    I had a pet parrot in creative mode and I was near a creeper and I kept hearing the tssss sound and I kept thinking I was crazy but is was the parrot! I’m so dumb

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