Epic Talking Parrot Commands Dog

Loki doubles as dog trainer in this video – and then applies his methods to me, bossing me around and demanding I “sit” and “leave it”

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33 thoughts on “Epic Talking Parrot Commands Dog

  1. @heartgirl1980 They are sooo smart! But you are right about them requiring a lot of attention. I always tell people interested in getting a bird that they are more work than a dog. Loki has a terrible habit of cawing loudly because of our other parrot – a rescue amazon blue. We're trying to break him of the habit but haven't had much luck. If you have any tips or advice on this I'd love to hear it!

  2. I just love greys I am onto my third one they are amazing pets BUT you should never get a bird just because it talks these birds are intelligent species and require A LOT of attention yours is a very good talker!!!! IVE adopted my last two greys and have one I've had since he's hatched my last two greys were whistled to too much and I'm trying to break their habit of whistling

  3. @MidnightDemonCat Sometimes he does, if he's just in reaction mode. But mostly he'll look at us like "Am I supposed to listen to this bird? Seriously, when are you going to get rid of it?"

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