Einstein the Parrot Enjoys His Shower!!!

Einstein is in the shower again! This time he is REALLY ENJOYING IT!!! For more information about the shower perch and the sprayer we use for Einstein’s …

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22 thoughts on “Einstein the Parrot Enjoys His Shower!!!

  1. thanks for getting me intrested in youre feathered freinds einstein i had 2 cockatiels in the 90s a yellow called lucy a grey named magic but when i got poorly they went to our hospital in the aviery they help the patients night god bless xxx

  2. have you ever put down like a dishpan with water in to see what she'd do?  I know you can let a smaller bird bathe that way. its pretty funny & they make a mess but it might make a good video. this was cute!  noticed in the Christmas videos she's a bit possessive of her stuff. has she bitten either of you?  cool videos, they made me smile!

  3. No, a DNA test has not been performed. We are not 100% sure she is a female. But females have round heads and the tail feathers have a hint of light grey on them. Males have a block (square) shape to their heads and tail feathers are totally red.

  4. @shadowsangel123 No, she was not hurt. She landed on an ottoman we have in the center of the bathroom. Although she is clipped, she is still a strong flyer and can land softly. She "fly-hops" from her perch to the kitchen table and kitchen counter-tops when ever she wants. We really have to keep an eye on her!

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