Einstein Parrot is Shaking & Dancing!

Einstein shows off his dance moves while saying, “Dance Birdie” and has a few other things to say as well! Einstein Parrot is very talkative African Grey Parrot!

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49 thoughts on “Einstein Parrot is Shaking & Dancing!

  1. Birds puff up for different reasons. They can do it to make themselves look bigger if they feel threatened, or excited about something. In this video Einstein is fluffed because she is excited and happy.

  2. Yes she does. All parrots are wild. They can be trained, but never tamed. They still have the instincts of a wild creature and will bite if they feel unsafe or threatened. If you have fear of being bitten, then I would reconsider getting a parrot. Parrots are not for everyone and they are high maintenance pets. You are wise to recognize your fear.

  3. Does Einstein ever bite? I love parrots but am so afraid of bites. I want to be more confident around them but cannot seem to get over my fear. They know this and will not trust me. It makes me upset. Yes I have been bitten many times by a Quaker and a Senegal and a Conure.

  4. @donpostjr We do hold her, just never thought of it as very interesting to put in a video. Here is a very good link for more information about biting. aviannetwork. com/ articles/ biting. htm (delete spaces)

  5. @donpostjr Einstein has learned to trust us and is very gentle with us. She knows the power of her beak and she will bite us if she doesn't want to play or be petted. We have to watch her body language to know when to "back" off. If you are a person she doesn't know or doesn't trust, and you try to pet her, she will bite you. We must always remember that she is still wild and has wild instincts designed to protect herself. She is a parrot and will bite if provoked.

  6. @4zebird
    i dont see many vids of you guys holding him. does einstein bit and if so is it a nip or has she giving bad bites? I have an amazon and holy cow i cant count how many times he has drawn blood from me.

  7. @4zebird we have the same parrot. our Zako have a 17 mounth and he sleep all the time as we do. He is wery quiet until he hear eni voice. sometimes he sleep longer then us. I think that making of noisy is the matter of habitt and training. only thing that is important is a dark. but not nesseserly. we didnt have eny problems with birds sleeping and early noisy

  8. @free13pink All parrot are loud at times. Their natural instinctive bird sounds are very loud. You cannot stop them from this behavior. Some neighbors are very fussy and won't stand for anything noisier than goldfish. Best to rethink having a bird at all, if you are concerned about disturbing an apartment neighbor.

  9. @free13pink They are quiet when they sleep. But that is only for about 8 – 10 hours. We have not been able to sleep late in 14 years since we got her. Once the sun comes up, she is talkative and noisy.

  10. Parrots are really the only animals on earth (in my opinion) who can bring such a large smile and warm feeling to anybody watching them 😀 It must be so great to spend time with those birds.

  11. @MegaMo45 Einstein is an African Grey Parrot. This kind of parrot is a lot of responsibility. The decision should involve your parents. They are destructive, they can bite, they are expensive. They need a great deal of time, attention and companionship. They are like having a 2 year old child for the rest of your life! They live to be about 60 years old. Parrots aren't toys, and they don't always do what you want. I hope this helps you think about it. Please continue to enjoy your parakeet.

  12. I deffinately want a bird like this I am only in middle school but they are so cute! I have a parakete but she does not talk. What kind of bird is Einstein? And how often do you have to practice with her to talk,like is it difficult?is she ever mean? Please comment backkk 😀

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