Colourful Blood Parrot

Amazing colours…

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41 thoughts on “Colourful Blood Parrot

  1. I hope the next new glofish will be a Blood Parrot Cichlid so they don't have to dye these fish. Yorktown Technologies needs to genetically modify these to produce a red, blue, purple, green, pink, or yellow glowing fluorescent Blood Parrot Cichlid. GloFish® fluorescent fish are born brilliant! They are not injected or dyed. They inherit their harmless, lifelong color from their parents.

  2. The parrot cichlid is a mix of a midas cichlid and a red head cichlid, the crossed bread results in a mishaped mouth which cant close so they use there throat muscles to chew up food and it also creates a deformed spine, which explains there strange look. They are also massively inbread which causes more problems, most males are infertile. Created in 1986 in taiwan, IT IS A CRUEL PAINFUL LIFE FOR THESE FISH. Before you comment on my opinion take time to educate yourself on the subject!

  3. Very Very cruel practice, these fish are a mixed breed which results the deformed shape and mouth, un natural and i presume nasty life for the fish, they are also dyed with color. They should be put down

  4. I have these fish. I got a blue;purple,orange,green,and pink. I have them in a big tank. I got them as babys. Iv had them for 5 yrs now and they are all orange. there color slowly fades. but if you want them in these colors you are gonna pay a big price for them. I payed 20 for each and that was 5 yrs ago. they cost so much more now. these are very sweet fish. they come up and suckmy finger. my kids say there kissing me. these fish always have a smile on there face. sweet fish love mine

  5. Everyone reading this does know that these fish are not naturally colored this way. They inject dyes through their skin with giant needles. It is incredibly painful process, and most fish who go through it die a few months later if they dont die during the process. It's animal cruelty people, lets stop it. There are plenty of NATURAL beautiful colors that fish come in.

  6. Yes. Unfortunately it's all too common these days for people to desire hybrids. Take the Midas and Red Head Cichlids, breed them and you end up with "Blood Parrots". Flowerhorn cichlids are yet another crossbreed. Look at the deformities (bulging forehead) that result from this hybridization. Fortunately the male Blood Parrot is infertile, yet the female is capable of reproducing with yet another Cichlid. We'll end up with "XYZABC" fish and nobody will recall what the purebreeds were.

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