Bowie Always Wants The Limelight

I took this a few weeks ago (start of July 2018), a little longer video of both Bowie (Indian ringneck) and Smokey and Koolaid (Parrotlets), and cameo appearance …

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45 thoughts on “Bowie Always Wants The Limelight

  1. Thanks for sharing your videos. I was impressed with the temperament of ringnecks, but Bowie telling you to smile was too much. My little lutino ringneck turns 6 months old today, her name is Dot and she is the cutest thing I've ever seen. My heartfelt thanks.

  2. I love you Bowie! You are the first Indian ring neck I ever saw and I fell in Love! Your voice is just adorable and I love watching your videos! Have a nice day,Bowie!😍😘

  3. Awww Bowie sez payz attentions to mez ize the star of the show!!! Bowie Bowie Bowie you has to share the cameta with your other friends!! Lol too cute!!! It is so great to see Smokey and Kool Aid they are looking good Smokey has feathers in front!! And then there is Pai Mai awww he is laying there like ok Bowie this is how you should be when mom has the camera you sit and look innocent and cute!!! Lol Love you all 💞🐶💞🐥💞🐤💕🐤💕💕

  4. I love your birds, I love bowie so much, I show everyone his videos. May I ask you where you got Bowie? I would love to give a loving home to a new friend. To me birds are just the best. Yes I am very prepared for the responsibility to have a bird with demands.. I love all animals but I like birds the best. I told my husband it could be my anniversary present. Lol

  5. Hi there hun, hows ur summer going? So great to c the gang altogether, cute vid as always ty 😃

    smokeys looking really fantastic, she looks xtra fluffy lol 😊 and koolaid looks good to. I can imagine the over preening thing must b a constant battle, but they r lucky 🍀 to have you as their guardian, u take wonderful care of them.

    Give em all scritchs 4 me pweese 😘

    Peace and birdy light
    🐦 🐦 💙 🐦 🐦

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