Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Today I officially start with BIRD SCHOOL for my new baby African grey parrot. It’s something I did when …

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37 thoughts on “BIRD SCHOOL FOR MY BABY PARROT! | Vlog #224


    As you may already know, we've recently welcomed a new baby bird into the Mabuhay Squad Family. She is OUR baby bird. So I will need your help to name her. Be sure watch tomorrow's vlog to VOTE.


  2. Mickey I think when she’s touching something with her beck she’s trying to figure out what it is so if you tell her what it is she’ll begin to know and eventually remember them what they are like a human baby learning how to talk right?

  3. Hi Mikey, can u suggest good aviary vets in Manila? I own a bunch of birds but I'm having a hard time finding vets competent enough to handle them. It just pains me to see the bewildered looks doctors have when attending to our ill birds. 🙁

  4. Nothing compares to raising a baby bird from hatch date. My female eclectus is such a sweet heart and such a cuddler. My male was hand raised by a single owner for 9 years until he had to be given up. Of course, I took him immediately. Although he is timid right now (only had him a month) you can tell he is also the sweetest, most well mannered bird. I love birds. ❤

  5. Yung alaga kung ibon graduate na.. nakapagtrabaho na nga eh., sa awa ng diyos may sarili na xang pamilya.. may 2 na rin xang anak.. yung panganay ga graduate na ng elementary..

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