Acrylic Bird Cages – How to assemble a large parrot acrylic bird cage

Acrylic bird cages – A how to on assembling your very own large parrot acrylic bird cage made of oak and polycarbonate. Easy to assemble acrylic bird cages …

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2 thoughts on “Acrylic Bird Cages – How to assemble a large parrot acrylic bird cage

  1. Where can I buy one of these bird cage just like this one?  It's probably more money than I can afford, but I have a severe macaw parrot and I'm tired of seed and crap being thrown all over the place.  I don't mind cleaning a contained cage, but a traditional style cage is not working for me.  I did peruse your website, but I'm missing something.  Perhaps if it turns out that I cannot afford one as shown in the video that I could get by with something less expensive.  My bird plays most outside of her cage in the daytime, but she needs a decent size and again, I'm sick of cleaning up after her.  But I DO love her, so I'm looking for an alternative.  I'd rather clean this off anyway than have to scrub bars, so these are definitely a fabulous idea!

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