Why Are Wild Parrots Disappearing in Miami? | Short Film Showcase

In Miami, conservationist Daria Feinstein is on a mission to save the beautiful Blue-and-yellow Macaw—before it’s too late. ➡ Subscribe: …

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44 thoughts on “Why Are Wild Parrots Disappearing in Miami? | Short Film Showcase

  1. Talking baby birds from their mothers is wrong. I wish things were different. They should be free and fill the sky with colors. I have a parrot who is a rescue and I wish she could be free living her life like it was meant to be. But if I let her go she would die.

  2. I'm normally all for native wildlife, but I do not believe they should be poached… they are not directly competing or endangering native birds, which would mean that they are not considered invasive. There are only small populations of them, and they have already been poached nearly to non existence in their native habitat. I could only dream of seeing birds like that at my feeders…the closest I get to seeing parrots are the two that I have.

  3. I agree with this lady they meant to be free happy love. And we should treat them as family cause they are part of our family and nature. They should be loved and not use. 🐥🐥😭😭 so touching.

  4. Legal or not, the poaching will not stop as long as a market exists. I believe a good option would be to make the buy, sell, or trade of unbanded birds illegal. Only closed banded birds should be legal for the pet trade and private ownership. Dealing in open-banded birds should require permit or license. Sites like Craigslist would restrict listings to closed banded birds. This isn't a perfect solution, but would at least begin to bottleneck the market for poached birds.

  5. Isn't she a hypocrite for not letting her parrots be free joining feral ones, as hers were most likely taken from wild or bred in terrible pet Mills? She could put out nest boxes to keep them close. Or go out with silencer on gun killing the hunters.. I'm not saying she should or shouldn't, but it's a way to stop problem around her.

  6. People are always the ones who always destroy things. They destroy animals to plants, and if this continues maybe this will destroy us and this planet. We are already starting to hurt the air and destroying the trees that help the world from earthquakes and turning them to big cities and then more people move in and polluting the air. Also big complains like Coca Cola are talking water from other countries making it hard to grow plants and food to eat. People don’t know what is happening to the world outside. About the animals or what people are doing to hurt this planet. People should spread this news share this to people they see, this should be taught or make is heard all over this place. Humans don’t care humans want to have fun but not caring about the world that is letting them have it. People who don’t care about the world don’t give back the care that the planet needs to survive. The point is that we should give back the love that we give to our family and friend to the earth so they can help everything survive and live happy as it can be

  7. I see them from time to time and they are pretty cool, but lady, YOU are part of the problem. You and People like you create the demand. As long as there’s a demand people will try to make a buck catching them. No different than ivory. Just enjoy them in the wild and stop being a hypocrite.

  8. Like here in Greece we have not free macaws but smaller species of parrots like rignecks etc. I think that if macaws don't damage the local fauna it's OK, they are wild birds after all and they have similar behaviour like the South America macaws in tropical forests !

  9. While I find it cruel how they are captured, I can't in good conscience say they are being poached. Tell the rhinos that Macaws in Miami are being poached. I don't think the level of danger and cruelty is nearly as harsh as real poaching. And, while they are not causing damage to the ecosystem yet, there is still the chance they can as they might stray from urban environments. I don't think Macaws should be flying wild in any place they shouldn't be.

    But they are lovely creatures and certainly deserve to be treated better.

  10. Some peopple have no morals no regrets they have no fealing for animals and say. "They were put here to serve us and we are far better than them they have no fealings" but they do they are amazing and buetifull if they are born in the wild they should stay in the wild they are born in captivity they should stay in captivity that is it

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