Einstein Parrot wants Cantaloupe for breakfast

Mornings with Einstein are always fun. He wakes up every morning ready to eat his breakfast! This particular morning he was really wanting cantaloupe.

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25 thoughts on “Einstein Parrot wants Cantaloupe for breakfast

  1. Marsha you make me laugh. After Einstein said several times he wanted cantaloupe you asked him if he wanted cantaloupe. Marsha of course he wanted cantaloupe because he kept saying cantaloupe. I really hope you know I'm joking it just was so funny to me.

  2. Einstein I am very, very sad. My budgie probably ecsaped. Cat jumped on cage, I dont know how, but when I came, one male budgie was in the cage and my female escaped or cat aet her. I hope that she escaped because there wasnt feathers around. I hope that i'll find her in the morning. Sadness, big sadness to the sky.

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