Best Talking Parrot Ever! – Oliver Got a Haircut at the Pet Store

African Grey talking “Oliver got a haircut at the pet store. Oliver looks nice.”

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12 thoughts on “Best Talking Parrot Ever! – Oliver Got a Haircut at the Pet Store

  1. Lmao omg! That's amazing!! He sounds very good here, his words are formed very well. I want a bird like this so bad! What kind of bird is he? I think I've seen the word "African Gray" in the comments a few times?

  2. Oliver does look nice but I want to know who's voice is that? My Louie's voice is mine, who's is Oliver's voice? LOL He is a cutie pie!!! Thanks for sharing!! Come see Louie, too! Mimi

  3. Oliver is just precious! 🙂 My grey is 2.5 years old and doesn't talk at all. She makes an assortment of noises and whistles a lot of songs though. She is the sweetest bird too. I will be showing her Oliver's video's to see if I can inspire here into talking. 🙂

  4. I love oliver's videos. That sounds like a male voice. Zulu my grey talks in my voice and its higher and harder for others to understand. But she does talk a lot and is constantly learning new things.

  5. Oliver will be 7 yrs old this August. We got him as a baby. He's a great talker and his vocabulary will be endless as we teach him new stuff all the time and he picks up things on his own.

    Thanks for commenting!!

  6. Wow! I have no experiences with birds (yes, with cats and dogs). How long did it take for him to learn this sentence? Interesting that 'getting a hair cut at the pet store' doesn't happen frequently but he memorized it. Hey, Oliver! 🙂

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