What is this crazy bird is talking about?? LOL

Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo. Letty the African Grey. Follow Gotcha and family on Instagram!: Hey guys! I realize …

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46 thoughts on “What is this crazy bird is talking about?? LOL

  1. Lol maybe he's telling a story about his trip to the vet and that he's not happy about it so he's telling you off for taking him, lol just a guess , it's definitely a long story Gotcha, he's too precious, we all love you ?

  2. I had a sweet green cheeked conure named Poco. I had her for 19 yrs but refused to breed her. She kept laying eggs and I was asked if I'd want to breed her and I refused. I ended up getting shots for her that would stop the egg laying. My vet said it takes a lot out of her laying eggs. I felt like if she had been bred I'd hate to think of someone not taking ownership of a baby seriously. I can't stand the thought of any parrot being stuck in a small cage or being put in a room all alone because maybe it got noisy. Poco spent 90%of her time out of her cage with me. She sadly passed away some yrs ago. I have never replaced her.?

  3. 1st things 1st, my goodness Oliver is getting big and he's such a happy boy! Reminds me of my Josie. Once you talked about going to the vet today you might want to be grateful that you can't understand him bcuz grrll he was ranting and raving and cursing you out (no really hard curse words bcuz he's too sweet for that) I enjoy this side of Gotcha, how are his hormones this year, like this??. Anyway, such a Beautiful family. Look forward to more shenanigans at the Gotcha residence ?

  4. Ollie is turning into such an adorable little troublemaker! The way he teased you with almost giving you the glasses and then crawling away giggling. He and Gotcha are going to make the perfect tag-team of trouble haha! <3

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